3 Ways Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Are Giving Your Profiles a Makeover

by cjadmin | April 24th, 2014

Nothing ages faster than a social media platform. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are always changing their styles to keep up with the latest trends. And if you want your profiles to stay stylish and lookin’ good, you have to keep up with those changes.

Here are a few recent changes our social media specialists at cj are paying close attention to.  (more…)

A Series of Social Lies: Part Three

by cjadmin | April 10th, 2014

The Lie: Social Media doesn’t generate leads.

Congratulations! You’ve embraced the new and ever-evolving world of social media! You’re posting engaging content and boosting your best posts; your reach and engagement levels are growing from month to month; and your recent campaign tripled your audience. You’ve knocked this one out of the park, right?

Don’t get too comfortable. You might be missing everyone’s favorite metric: leads.

We like leads.

Leads generate business, and we seek every opportunity to generate business for our clients. But an opportunity is frequently overlooked in social media due to the misconception that it isn’t possible to acquire leads via social. (more…)

A Series of Social Lies: Part Two

by cjadmin | February 25th, 2014

The Lie: Anyone can manage your social media.

It’s fairly common to see business executives hand their social media presence over to the millennial in the office, typically an intern or young office assistant. While these individuals are often great at connecting with each other on social media, they might not be the best option for connecting your brand, and I’ll tell you why:

Social media has the power to connect directly with customers, to engage users in conversation about your product or service, and to present your brand to an audience of millions. That’s a big responsibility. Is your social media manager qualified to do these things effectively?

When you’re looking for someone to manage your social media, being a millennial doesn’t always mean they have the knowledge and skillset required for the job. At cj, our social media specialists have 4 key areas of expertise. (more…)

Are Your Law Firm’s Facebook Stats Looking Grim?

by cjadmin | February 18th, 2014

You’ve been posting on Facebook regularly. You’ve been creating interesting, engaging content for your law firm. You’ve been sharing and promoting that content while being increasingly more active in your community—liking and sharing with non-profits you support. You’ve even hired social media experts to guide you. You admired your growing list of Facebook followers and thought, “We’ve got this social media thing!”

Then suddenly something went wrong. Your posts are losing impact. You’ve stopped getting engagements from your followers. Your reach on Facebook is declining. What the heck is going on?


A Series of Social Lies: Part One

by cjadmin | January 30th, 2014

The Lie: You have to be on every major social media platform.

Your new millennial intern just told you about an awesome social network, and you want to know why you’re not on it. I’m glad you asked. Our reason for not adopting a particular platform for your brand typically falls under one of these four categories:

1. Your audience isn’t there.

Just because a platform is popular doesn’t mean its populated with your target demographic. It’s important to do your research and find out where your audience is engaging. If you’re a personal injury law firm committing time and energy to a platform full of 12-year-olds talking about World of Warcraft, you’re likely wasting your resources.

2. You need to prioritize depth over breadth.

There is one constant truth for all social media platforms: you have to post consistently. The recommended frequency varies depending on the platform, but one sporadic post every couple of months simply won’t cut it. Know how often to post on each platform, and decide what you have the time and resources for before committing to any and every platform that presents itself.

3. GIFs and Vines aren’t your forte.

Some platforms are most valuable when populated with very specific content. For example, Tumblr is a primarily visual platform, full of GIFs and memes. If you can’t think of anything the most interesting man in the world might want to say about your brand, Tumblr might not be for you.

A few other platforms that fall in this category include Vine and its 6-second videos, Pinterest and its crafty DIYs, Instagram’s filtered photos, and MySpace and its nearly-famous pop stars. You might have a few ideas that could work, like safety tips or FAQ’s, but are they enough to post over an extended period of time? You have to be able to provide quality content on a regular basis for any platform you adopt.

4. You have to be a committed partner.

Remember that time in high school when you left your crush message after message and never got a call back? You can’t go around breaking hearts on your social media platform. If someone writes a comment or a message, you have to provide a timely response. This is basic customer service.

Every question and comment is an opportunity to engage in conversation and build the user’s relationship with your brand. Our rule of thumb is to respond within 24 hours. If your process for a platform doesn’t allow for reliable and timely communication, you may need to break things off.

The Lie Debunked

The Truth: You can do anything, but not everything.

Powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere. These are the platforms to start with. Build a strong, interactive presence here. Once you have them mastered, do some research, or reach out to our social media team, to see if there is another platform that could offer value to your brand. Be sure to consider these four questions:

  • Is your audience there?
  • Do you have the time and resources to post consistently?
  • Can you offer relevant and appropriate content for the platform?
  • Can you commit to being available for conversation?

If you can’t answer yes to all four questions, it’s probably not a platform you need to be on just yet.

Questions about what social media platforms best fit your brand? Contact your Social Media Specialist.

Press # to Connect: How #Hashtags Help Potential Clients Find You on Social Media

by cjadmin | August 22nd, 2013

This blog post was written by Jordan Redfearn, a Social Media Specialist at cj Advertising.

What on earth are these words and phrases you see all over social media that #LookLikeThis? They’re called hashtags, and they have great potential for your brand. (more…)

Suit Up: We’re Socializing with LinkedIn

by cjadmin | July 30th, 2013

Written By: Rachel Figley, Social Media Specialist at cj Advertising.

Interactive’s Social Media Engagement team always encourages our clients to have fun with their Facebook pages. Ugly Christmas sweaters and poodles in the office make for great content on the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook has a big personality and a voice that is hard to ignore, but it’s not the only member in the social networking family. (more…)

Do you know how your clients find you? We do!

by cjadmin | February 22nd, 2013

Of the 58 million people who sought a lawyer in 2012, 76 percent used online resources. That’s 44 million people who will only find you if you have a strong online presence.

LexisNexis Webinar

It’s no secret that social media is transforming the way the world does business. We’ve heard this over and over again for the past five years. So if you aren’t on the social media bandwagon, you’re being left in the dust. (more…)