Press # to Connect: How #Hashtags Help Potential Clients Find You on Social Media

by cj Advertising | August 22, 2013

This blog post was written by Jordan Redfearn, a Social Media Specialist at cj Advertising.

What on earth are these words and phrases you see all over social media that #LookLikeThis? They’re called hashtags, and they have great potential for your brand.

What Are Hashtags and What Do They Do?

Words and phrases grouped together with no spaces or punctuation behind a pound sign (#) are called hashtags. Hashtagging a post is like filing that post into a category. When you hashtag a post, you turn that certain word or phrase into a link, allowing for real-time, clickable “conversations” about certain topics across social media networks.

Where Can You Use Hashtags?

Popular social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and LinkedIn, use hashtags. Hashtags recently made their debut on Facebook, allowing even more people to join in on conversations around the world.

How Should You Use Hashtags?  

You can insert hashtags at the end of posts, but we recommend tagging important words as they happen naturally in your sentences. Try to avoid being redundant, and remember, less is more—so #don’t #make #every #word #look #like #this. (Nobody likes a serial hashtagger.)

For example, you can post an article about brain injury on your Facebook page with the hashtag #BrainInjury. The tagged phrase becomes linkable, and adds your post to the conversation already happening about brain injury on Facebook.

Using hashtags related to your firm’s practice areas, such as #CarAccident, #SocialSecurityDisability, and #MedicalMalpractice, is also a great idea. That way, if a person is searching for an attorney to help them in a certain practice area, they’ll find your firm’s profile.

How Do Facebook Hashtags Help Clients Find You?

Facebook hashtags allow your posts to be seen, even if a user hasn’t liked your page yet. To search for a hashtag on Facebook, users can type a pound sign (#) followed by whatever word or phrase they would like to search for.


Hashtags are a simple, effective way to supercharge your social media. Incorporate them into your posts, and they will connect your firm to even more potential clients.

The Social Media Team at cj uses these hashtagging techniques to help your firm join the conversation and be seen on social media networks.

If you have any questions about hashtags, or if you are interested in becoming a social media powerhouse, contact your Client Services team or your Social Media Specialist.