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Industry-Leading Mass Tort Advertising

Every case is unique. Every campaign is customized. Every client is a partner.

Partner with us and get more quality calls and cases

A Quarter Century of Expertise

For 25+ years, cj Advertising has worked exclusively with law firms.

We generate mass tort cases through performance-driven national cross-channel media campaigns.

We, as you, value quality over quantity. Industry expertise, analytics, and cost-effective results are at the core of our advertising model.

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Our Family of Firms

cj Advertising is a trusted partner of some of the biggest firms in the industry. Why? Because our campaigns perform.

Firms we work with include:

  • Beasley Allen
  • Bohrer Law Firm
  • Brown & Crouppen
  • Cooper Law Partners
  • Cory Watson
  • Crumley Roberts Attorneys at Law
  • Dudley Debosier Injury Lawyers
  • Fears Nachawati
  • Ferrer Poirot Wansbrough
  • Norris Injury Lawyers
  • Wright & Schulte

When you partner with our national tort team, the results are clear: more relevant case calls and an increase in qualified contracts. Leverage the power of our 25+ years of legal advertising experience to achieve the best case acquisition rates in the industry.

Mass Torts Made Easy


Effective creative is integral to campaign performance. Our ads include highly targeted language and engaging visuals customized to drive response. We provide unique, free 800 numbers to track each individual lead from phone number to signed contract.

Media Buys

Our team targets your potential clients across a complicated media ecosystem. We’re able to effectively layer our case acquisition strategy on traditional TV, streaming TV, and other digital platforms as needed to maximize results. We negotiate the best rates on your behalf through relationships unparalleled in the industry.


The success of your campaign depends on detailed results tracking and analysis. With a primary focus on conversion from lead to contract, we continually optimize campaigns for best performance. We are partners with your same goal: to help people in need while maximizing your return on investment.

Experience Matters

With an average tenure of almost 20 years, our leadership team thoroughly understands the national legal advertising landscape. Capitalize on the strength and experience of the #1 legal advertising agency and contact us today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the process work to pursue a national mass tort campaign?
    • First, we will discuss your firm’s case acquisition goals and specific injury criteria on the project you want to pursue.
    • Once those items are defined, we’ll craft well-honed, Bar-compliant content. The language will focus on producing highly qualified leads, minimizing unnecessary In the case of a commercial, we will engage the viewer through emotion and repetition of the call to action.
    • Because we produce the spots in-house, we’ll quickly be ready for air, because as you know, many projects are time sensitive.
    • Next, we dive into the demographics and the psychology of the injured people we’re seeking. This knowledge will inform where we want to place the commercials and we’ll begin the vendor negotiation process. Each week as the campaign progresses, we’ll analyze the results data to confirm we’re reaching the right people, generating a maximum number of qualified leads and contracts.
  • Where do my calls go?

    That’s up to you! If your firm has its own intake staff or call center, that’s easy. If not, we have a network of great recommendations who can expertly handle intake on your behalf. One thing is for sure – we recommend using multiple 800 numbers on the campaign so we can track exactly where the leads and contracts are coming from.

    We use this data to optimize the media buy each week, constantly pushing for better efficiencies. We provide free 800 tracking numbers that will point to your firm even six months after the campaign has ended so that you can capture all drag leads. We have some firms still receiving leads a year later from an old campaign. Every lead matters.

  • What campaign metrics should I be tracking?

    Tracking results data from any marketing effort is paramount. You must be able to calculate the return on investment for every campaign. The most basic metric to track is cost per lead, but a more important metric is cost per contract chased/wanted. This number informs the quality of the leads being generated, which helps us answer the following questions:

    • Is our message connecting with the right audience?
    • Are we on target to acquire the desired cases?

    Additionally, knowing the conversion ratio from chased contracts to signed contracts can push your firm to improve operational processes and maximize your investment.

  • Can I expect transparency on my campaign?

    One of our core values is trust and we believe that feeling should be mutual. To accomplish a successful campaign, we must be able to share information.

    Sharing and analyzing results metrics is imperative. In return, we want you to be comfortable with how and where we’re purchasing media, so we will share that information.

    Additionally, we will provide an in-depth post-campaign analysis. Not all agencies follow this same open philosophy. We recommend that you question why and be cautious with those vendors who don’t offer transparency.

  • Is cj National a good fit your law firm?

    We work with people who share a similar approach to ours—data-driven, transparent, and more importantly, effective. Ideally, you’ll think of us as a part of your team; a focus on relationships is a huge part of our success. More than 75% of our clients come from referrals from other law firms. We’re proud of our reputation in the industry and highly value integrity.

    We’re looking forward to speaking with you and forging a relationship that results in your success.

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