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Google Pigeon and your Local Search Rankings

by Kelly Hays | September 16th, 2014

You may have noticed some changes to your local search engine results lately. That’s because Google recently released their Pigeon update to help increase the relevancy and accuracy of its local search results. This new update places less emphasis on Google’s own local listings by allowing users to access content from other local directory sites, such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, and TripAdvisor. Not only will this update impact the way you are appearing in Google’s Web search results, but in Google Maps as well. Additionally, this update aims to improve Google’s distance and location ranking parameters.

What does the Pigeon update mean for you? (more…)

10 Tips to Help Launch a Successful Website

by cjadmin | May 8th, 2014

With such a competitive online environment, website visitors tend to have short attention spans and will leave websites very quickly if they can’t easily navigate to the information they’re looking for. While some bells and whistles are awesome, depending on the industry and target audience, simplicity can many times drive higher conversions.

At cj Advertising, our number one goal is to help our clients’ websites convert higher than industry standards. Here are some steps we follow when planning a new website:  (more…)

Nineteen Years…don’t they go by in a blink? Not really!

by Arnie Malham | November 20th, 2013

60 brands supported, 2M leads, $300 million invested in advertising, and the recovery of a few billion dollars by clients has likely made us all older, busier, and in some cases flat worn out. But it has also brought us and our teams a wealth of opportunity, experience, and success!

I, for one, am extremely grateful for all the side effects on both sides of the equation. The byproducts of starting, running, and growing great businesses and the connected relationships, families, and memories can’t be described in any way other than remarkable.

Remarkable that J. Marshall Hughes’s simple question about finding a better way to place and track advertising results launched the whole story. Thank you, J. Marshall.

Remarkable to see the growth of a small law firm in Alameda run by a hippie named Bill Berg, who is now the largest personal injury firm in Northern California. Thank you, Bill.

Remarkable that Bob Crumley (and his bride) saw a vision of the largest personal injury law firm in the Carolinas, while barely signing five cases a week and with two young daughters sleeping under the desks at his office long after the workday was over. Thank you, Bob and Teresa.

Remarkable that so many great personal injury brands have grown, that so many extraordinary relationships have formed between firms, and that so many lives and paths have been altered forever. But enough of memory lane…

What will the next year or twenty hold for all of us? What will the headlines be in 2014, 2019, and 2034 (if you dare)?

Freaky, right? Hard to imagine? For some yes, for others… maybe not.

Here’s my vision….

In 2014, expect a continuance of our Data Driven Marketing Strategy, Unparalleled Client Collaboration, and Constant Delivery of Proven Business Strategies for our firms. Know that our great creative and interactive innovation will continue to drive your firm forward.

In 2019, know that we will continue providing advantages for your firm as our team will be focused on delivering the highest level of consulting possible for whatever the ever-changing marketplace throws at our group. We are gearing ourselves now to provide “ninja-like” execution on ideas that will be rapidly tested, distributed, and executed by our firms. Bigger, smaller, or maybe exactly the same size, cj will be in high demand, as will our managed brands.

2034: Scotch anyone? Stay thirsty, my friends!


Negotiate to Win-Win

by Media | November 5th, 2013

On October 24, cj Media invited Belmont’s Dr. Susan Williams back to cj to lead our 3rd in-house Negotiation Seminar. Nineteen participants from 5 departments around MLG and cj attended this seminar that preaches negotiations that benefit both sides. Discussing options and building trust are two methods she teaches to ensure both parties have their interests met. The Harvard Negotiation principles Dr. Williams bases her seminar on benefit both personally and professionally. (more…)

Hummingbird: How Google’s New Search Algorithm Impacts You

by Reid Akins | October 17th, 2013

This blog post was written by Interactive Web Copywriter Reid Akins in collaboration with cj’s Search team.

Google just changed the search game again.

The company’s newest search algorithm, called Hummingbird, was announced on September 26, 2013, to coincide with the company’s 15th anniversary. Hummingbird is designed to give users faster and more relevant search results by changing the way Google interprets search queries and reads website content.

3 Ways Hummingbird is Changing SEO (more…)

It’s a Win for the Consumer…Really?

by Jimmy Bewley | October 9th, 2013

There was an article posted on Forbes.com back in February that’s just now getting attention in the IP circles.  It focused on a Wisconsin case dealing with keyword advertising where one firm bought another firm’s name in their PPC program that ended in a lawsuit.  Sound familiar?  All too familiar I’m afraid, but there was a twist.  The plaintiff in this case did not sue under trademark law or the new theory of unjust enrichment; instead they used a Wisconsin statute concerning “publicity rights”.  Publicity rights law protects individuals (names, images, etc.) from being used for commercial purposes with authorization.  The plaintiff’s firm name was the last names of the three partners.  As we already know, you can develop trademark rights in your last name and use those laws successfully to fend off infringers under certain criteria.  Using publicity rights was odd strategy to say the least, and as you might expect, the plaintiff ended up on the losing side of the argument.  If the action had been pursued under trademark law, I believe the outcome would have been totally different. (more…)

Google says: “We take trademarks seriously”

by Jimmy Bewley | September 5th, 2013

In our ongoing attempts to get a straight answer from Google regarding their monitoring of trademarks being used without authorization, our interactive team came across a procedure for filing complaints that also serves as a registration portal for trademarks.  Simply put, by registering our trademarks with Google they too will assume some responsibility for monitoring for unauthorized trademark use in their ad copy.  (more…)

Vlog: Get Noticed with Virtual Sets

by David Rumsey | August 26th, 2013

This video blog was produced by Megan Hayes, Producer at cj Advertising.

As a personal injury firm, your greatest marketing challenge is striking the balance between elevating your image while remaining relatable to viewers.

In the Creative Services department of cj Advertising, one of the ways we achieve that balance is through a shooting and editing technique called the Virtual Set. When combined with consistent messaging, the Virtual Set is a powerful way to turbocharge your studio shoots and stand out in your market.

Click here to check out our first-ever video blog to learn what Virtual Sets are, how they work, and why we love ’em.


Press # to Connect: How #Hashtags Help Potential Clients Find You on Social Media

by cjadmin | August 22nd, 2013

This blog post was written by Jordan Redfearn, a Social Media Specialist at cj Advertising.

What on earth are these words and phrases you see all over social media that #LookLikeThis? They’re called hashtags, and they have great potential for your brand. (more…)

EXP Innovation

by David Rumsey | August 1st, 2013

EXP is about to break new ground for lawyer advertising.

Our soon-to-be-released Web series, “A Day in the Life–The Accident,” will give viewers an unprecedented look at the realities of a car accident, by letting them see the impact and aftermath through an accident victim’s point of view.

But to tell this story the way it needs to be told, our crew had to design and build a first-person camera rig no one’s ever seen before. Bill Filipiak and team rose to the challenge and are about to deliver cutting-edge content made possible through innovative execution.