Unpacking the Google Leak (and What It Means for Your Firm)

In May 2024, a leak of Google’s internal documentation of how its Search product works was made public, stirring endless conversation in the SEO community. The leak calls into question what Google says is important for SEO professionals to focus on versus what factors its […]

Highlighting Our Latest Design Approach to Email Templates

Digital spaces are in a constant process of change and renewal; it seems like new platforms, apps, and voices emerge every day, and are just as quickly drowned out by others. Despite this, one communication channel remains steadfast at the top of the pile: email. […]

How Meta’s Audience Guidelines Impact Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

Social media ads play a pivotal role in digital marketing, especially in highly competitive sectors like personal injury law. Platforms owned by Meta, such as Facebook and Instagram, are crucial for personal injury law firms hoping to reach and engage potential clients. These platforms allow […]

How Good Deeds Can Boost Your SEO

It’s been said that a good deed is its own reward, and the fulfillment one gets from helping others is worth the sacrifice. But did you know the rewards from a good deed can extend to the digital realm, too?  If your firm focuses on […]

Why the Google Map Pack Matters for Your Personal Injury Law Firm

John is a construction worker. As is common in his line of work, he suffers an injury due to faulty equipment. Seeking legal help, he picks up his phone and types “personal injury lawyer” into Google. As the results load, so does the Google Map […]

What Is Unhelpful Content? (And How to Address It on Your Site)

One of Google’s top priorities is offering search results that readers find valuable. This ensures people trust their product, find it useful, and continue to use it. So, in August 2022, Google began rolling out a “helpful content update,” which sought to improve the quality […]

Building Client Relationships in the Post-Cookie Era

The digital landscape is undergoing a huge shift that impacts all sectors, including legal marketing. Specifically, this shift is the demise of third-party cookies, tracking codes placed on website visitors’ computers or devices. For law firms, the end of third-party cookies means a new era […]

Understanding the Distinctions Between PPC and LSA Advertising

In 2024, consumers have more options than ever before for how they spend their time online. From following social media influencers to checking emails, reading blogs, watching YouTube, and doing deep dives through Google, there’s something of interest for everybody. But more digital channels for […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Compelling Legal Blogs and Emails

Let’s be frank: there’s a lot of personal injury content online, including blog posts, videos, landing pages, newsletters, social media, and advertisements. If you’re reading this blog, you’re not only aware of this, you’re probably part of this crowded field. Thus, you may be wondering […]