What Happens When an 800-Pound Gorilla Enters Your Market?

Has an 800-pound gorilla entered your market? Are you concerned? We all know when a huge player enters a market, they come in with a bang and launch an extensive advertising campaign. And, yes, their pockets are deep – but fear not.   PROMISING DATA  […]

You’ve Written a Killer Press Release. What’s Next?

The Value of Press Release Distribution A well-written press release can enhance your law firm’s brand and increase public exposure. Press releases can generate media coverage to tell a large audience what is new, different, or exciting about your law firm.   Once you have […]

Expert Tips on Newsworthy Press Releases for PI Firms

If you are a member of the cj family of law firms, you are familiar with multiple legal advertising channels. However, relying on paid advertising alone is insufficient in today’s crowded marketplace. Another vital piece of your law firm’s overall branding should include personal injury […]

Understanding the Best Practices for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys 

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of advertising specifically for big truck cases, reminding your market that your law firm is capable of handling this case type and is there to help. Similarly, if your personal injury firm takes motorcycle cases, it […]

In The Personal Injury World, You Get Big Truck Cases If You Ask For Them 

Here at cj Advertising, we are big believers in asking for what you want, especially when it comes to big truck cases. Due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved in a big truck accident, these cases are often catastrophic and severely injure […]

Personal Injury Content – Educate or Someone Else Will

For personal injury law firms, calls and form submissions are priority #1. A higher volume of leads, whether qualified or not, means more potential cases. Naturally, this means that contact forms and phone numbers are present and persistent on all pages of a law firm’s […]

Marketing Automation Tools for PI Law Firms

Law firms specializing in personal injury cases are in a unique marketing position. When it comes to prospective clients, marketing efforts like billboards and TV reach broad, general audiences, while digital advertising tools like search and social ads target specific audiences. How can firms build […]

Could Your Personal Injury Marketing Dollars Be Slipping Away From You?

Here at cj Advertising, we are constantly monitoring our clients’ marketing dollars. Even if your personal injury law firm is not a cj client, you can and should be doing the same thing. At any given time, you should know what you are spending across […]

Best Personal Injury Attorney Conferences You Should Attend in 2023

Attending an in-person conference or training event is one of the most effective ways to learn how to grow your law firm. In this competitive industry, it’s crucial to meet and talk to other law firms, continue your education, and stay up to date with […]