How to Get More and BETTER Reviews

There was a statistic in the 1990s that suggested that if someone ate at a good restaurant, they would tell at least one other person. But if they ate at a lousy restaurant, they would tell at least 12 other people. Of course that was […]

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall — POLITICAL! Everyone’s Favorite Season is Coming up.

It’s a “bad” and even dreaded word to most (well, at least TV advertisers and buyers anyway). That’s right —POLITICAL. But it’s not new to any of us and is regularly occurring these days. On the bright side, 2022 is not a Presidential election year! […]

How to Build a Relationship with Rejected Leads

Even a firm’s rejected leads need love. When rejecting a lead, it is important to remember that this lead is still a person with a very real need. And while this time their case may not be the right fit for your firm, you still […]

How to Manage Google Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Reviews are a major contributor to your firm’s success. And believe it or not, how your reviews, both good and bad, are managed is as critical to your reputation as the reviews are themselves. In this blog I’ll discuss tips on how to manage your […]

Name, Image, Likeness: What These Three Words Mean for Law Firms

You may have already heard, but last year legislation passed allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness (NIL). Opportunities for popular collegiate athletes to make money include autograph signing, personal appearances, and of most importance to the PI advertising industry—endorsements. Since […]

Email Metrics to Watch in 2022

Email remains one of the best ways to generate leads and find new clients, but it can be difficult to know if your email campaigns are successfully building your brand or signing new cases if you aren’t monitoring how users are interacting with them. Here […]

Do Funny Ads Actually Work in Personal Injury Advertising?

Funny ads have been used for decades, and they’ve become even more popular in recent years due to the rise of memes, sassy corporate Twitter accounts, and TikTok videos. There’s no question that funny ads are often memorable and get people talking, but are they […]

3 Metrics You MUST Monitor Weekly to Know Your Firm’s Health

If you were stranded on a desert island and only had access to three key metrics to know if your firm is healthy, what would you want to see? While there are several metrics that can tell you a lot about your firm’s overall health, […]

Why You Need an In-State and National Referral Network

Summer travel season is upon us. And although gas prices are high, airline fares are even higher. This means many Americans will be getting to their vacation destinations by car. The increase in road trippers is likely to also mean law firms will see an […]