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Firm-Specific Strategies for Your Media Buys and Management

Get the most bang for your advertising buck.

cj’s Media team has more than 125 years of combined industry experience, and we use it every day to help our clients get the most for their advertising dollars.

Our media services are centered upon cjTrack, our in-house database that tracks client spending by products, call times, and signup data. Combined with efficient processes and attention to detail, our media team stands apart from other agency media departments. Everything we do is aimed at keeping your advertising costs low and your conversions high.

Talk With Our Media Experts

Keep your costs low and conversions high with cj Media.

Buying Services

  • Media schedule negotiation (TV, outdoor, station packages, print, radio)
  • Accuracy checks performed on all station contracts
  • Industry database subscriptions, including Strata, Nielsen, SQAD, and AdViews
  • Station package analyses that inform negotiations and recommendations
  • Outdoor media buying
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Monthly program tracking analysis
  • Quarterly buy change updates when leads do not increase

Traffic and Data Management

  • Call, sign-up, and spend data managed via cjTrack
  • Data reporting provided via cjTrack with 24/7 client web access
  • Monthly competitive spending analyses with 24/7 client web access

Client Services

  • Budget recommendations based on market size and historical knowledge
  • Regular interaction on annual placement and before major holidays regarding budgets
  • More than 160 processes that ensure consistent high-level service

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