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Reach New Clients in Your Market with Cutting Edge Custom Creative

You’ll captivate your audience with our team’s experience and creative fluency.

When it comes to your firm’s creative, you need fresh, captivating ads that capture your audience’s attention and set your brand apart from the competition. Not sure how to get there? Our Creative Services team knows what works and how to make it happen. With an average tenure of almost nine years, this award-winning team has the depth of experience and artistic vision to generate quality ads with one goal in mind: to help your firm dominate your market.

We offer a wide range of a la carte services to meet your firm’s creative needs, such as:

  • Broadcast spots
  • Web videos
  • Logo design
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Print materials
Do You Need New Creative?

Read below to learn more about our offerings and how they can help you reach potential clients in your market.

Custom Creative Services That Build Recognition and Trust

Broadcast Spots

  • Location shooting, in-house shooting, and cutting-edge post production to create custom commercials
  • Developing new templates and tailoring proven templates to fit your firm’s individual brand
  • Custom scripting and copywriting to develop strategic, pinpointed messaging
  • Access to cjTrack, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your commercials and the reach of your marketing dollars

National Mass Tort Spots

  • Custom-branded spots that set your firm apart from the competition in the mass tort space
  • Call-to-action oriented and emotionally engaging messaging that generates leads and drives cases to your firm
  • Collaboration with cj National to target hot torts in your firm’s market

Web Videos

  • Individual attorney bio videos to showcase your team on a more personal level
  • Case status update videos from the faces of your firm to keep your clients informed throughout the life of their case
  • Client testimonial videos that tell the stories of real clients you’ve helped
  • Web video integration with your website and social media accounts


  • Logo design, slogan creation, and custom billboard designs to streamline your brand’s public presence
  • Print design materials
  • Collaboration with Client Services to ensure your brand speaks powerfully across all platforms

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