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A Series of Social Lies: Part Two

by cjadmin | February 25th, 2014

The Lie: Anyone can manage your social media.

It’s fairly common to see business executives hand their social media presence over to the millennial in the office, typically an intern or young office assistant. While these individuals are often great at connecting with each other on social media, they might not be the best option for connecting your brand, and I’ll tell you why:

Social media has the power to connect directly with customers, to engage users in conversation about your product or service, and to present your brand to an audience of millions. That’s a big responsibility. Is your social media manager qualified to do these things effectively?

When you’re looking for someone to manage your social media, being a millennial doesn’t always mean they have the knowledge and skillset required for the job. At cj, our social media specialists have 4 key areas of expertise. (more…)

Suit Up: We’re Socializing with LinkedIn

by cjadmin | July 30th, 2013

Written By: Rachel Figley, Social Media Specialist at cj Advertising.

Interactive’s Social Media Engagement team always encourages our clients to have fun with their Facebook pages. Ugly Christmas sweaters and poodles in the office make for great content on the world’s largest social media platform. Facebook has a big personality and a voice that is hard to ignore, but it’s not the only member in the social networking family. (more…)

The Ultimate Question…

by Arnie Malham | May 14th, 2011

We call it the Ultimate Question, but most think this question is fairly straightforward.


Partner or Vendor??

by Arnie Malham | June 14th, 2009

When you think of the agency, do you feel we are more of a “partner” in creating your success or a “vendor” who has a specific, but replaceable role?


As a Brand Manager, Arnie Stinks!

by Arnie Malham | September 8th, 2007


At last year’s conference, the agency announced a fundamental change. No longer would I (Arnie) serve as the agency’s sole brand manager. Instead, we developed a program that would tap into the experience of the agency’s most veteran contributors and challenged them to take on this key responsibility. Suzanne, Angel, Greg, Tim, Laura, Bill, and Alan have all leaped at the opportunity to serve both the client and the agency in this very challenging role. All have consistently and diligently conducted conference calls, followed-up on projects, tracked call numbers, and impressively increased the frequency and quality of communications between our clients and the agency.