3 Ways Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Are Giving Your Profiles a Makeover

by cj Advertising | April 24, 2014

Nothing ages faster than a social media platform. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are always changing their styles to keep up with the latest trends. And if you want your profiles to stay stylish and lookin’ good, you have to keep up with those changes.

Here are a few recent changes our social media specialists at cj are paying close attention to. 

Twitter’s Wardrobe Change

Twitter is turning a new page and it looks like one straight out of Facebook. Their new profile layout features a larger profile picture and a header image that stretches across the top of the page.

The way you see tweets is also changing with these new features:

Pinned Tweets

You can pin a tweet to the top of your page, giving you the opportunity to keep your best content highly visible.

Best Tweets

The higher the engagement, the larger the tweet will appear on your screen.

Filtered Tweets

When looking at a profile, you can filter the user’s content to see all tweets, only tweets with photos or video, or tweets and replies.

Facebook’s Ad Image Up-Do

Facebook is enlarging the Marketplace ads that appear on the right side of the home page. Designed to match News Feed ads, Marketplace ads will have larger images that—based on Facebook’s early testing—will boost engagement.

We love big, bold images, but there’s one catch: Bigger images mean less room for multiple ads. Less room means will prices go up. Be on the lookout for an increased cost per click after these big boys roll out.

LinkedIn’s Quick Trim

You might have missed this change in the social media landscape, overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter headlines. But it’s one you want to pay attention to. On April 14, LinkedIn cut the Products and Services tabs on business pages. That sweet and simple way to detail what you have to offer is gone. Why? LinkedIn wants you to use Showcase Pages instead.

Showcase Pages act as individual landing pages for unique aspects of your business—like products or services. Similar to Company Pages, you can post updates and acquire followers on your Showcase Pages.

For some, this is a wonderful change. It offers a way to cater to specific audiences for specific aspects of your brand. For others, Showcase Pages are completely unnecessary, and will leave you searching for somewhere to stuff the information that used to be housed in the Products and Services tabs.

Your Social Media Stylists

In the social media world, trends come and go even more quickly than in the fashion world. And if you don’t stay on top of them, your profiles will quickly begin to look outdated. Get the scoop on all the latest trends from our social media specialists at cj Advertising.

Contact them at socialmedia@cjadvertising.com, and find out how they can keep your profiles looking good.