Google Pigeon and your Local Search Rankings

by Kelly Hays | September 16, 2014

You may have noticed some changes to your local search engine results lately. That’s because Google recently released their Pigeon update to help increase the relevancy and accuracy of its local search results. This new update places less emphasis on Google’s own local listings by allowing users to access content from other local directory sites, such as Yelp, Urbanspoon, and TripAdvisor. Not only will this update impact the way you are appearing in Google’s Web search results, but in Google Maps as well. Additionally, this update aims to improve Google’s distance and location ranking parameters.

What does the Pigeon update mean for you?
Enhancing your firm’s presence on various local search directories can help the Pigeon update work for you. If we currently manage your firm’s digital marketing, you have nothing to worry about—we’re always optimizing your online presence to ensure it’s up to date with the latest search engine algorithms.

If we don’t handle your firm’s digital marketing, there are a couple quick steps you can take to help drive users to your site:

  • Ensure your firm has profiles on major local directory sites and confirm the information is accurate.
  • Encourage your clients to get involved and post their feedback, as positive local reviews can increase your visibility on Google search results pages.

Google is continually improving the way they deliver search results to users, so it’s important to consistently update your firm’s information as search updates are released. If you have questions about Google Pigeon, or your firm’s search performance, reach out to your Interactive Client Service Manager.