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Destination: Nashville!

by Arnie Malham | April 8th, 2013

Sure, you’ve been to Nashville to shoot commercials and to attend our great annual conferences, but have you ever spent a day in Nashville focused purely on marketing strategy and tactical planning for your firm?  (more…)

We Know You’ve Been Waiting…

by Chasity Phillips | March 6th, 2013

What has industry-exclusive reports and data that compares your law firm to other firms across the country?

What does cj offer that no other agency offers?

And what is the most exciting book release since “Fifty Shades of Grey”?



Trademark Latest

by Jimmy Bewley | November 15th, 2012

About 6 years ago we got into the trademark business.  We did so to secure and protect what we consider  valuable branding elements.

One of the first trademarks we received was “Get a Lawyer.  Get it Done” which was, and still is, being used by Hughes & Coleman going on 10 years now.  (more…)

Disclaimers: Better Safe Than Sorry

by Jimmy Bewley | September 30th, 2012

During our September cj conference, we brought everyone up to speed on our philosophy and processes concerning disclaimers and the advertising rules.   Among ethics lawyers the advertising rules are sometimes affectionately referred to as the “The Magic 7s”…because in most states they’re found in Section 7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.  That is except for CA, which always has to be a little different from everyone else.

On a daily basis we are working with the rules in about 71 markets in 32 states.  However, due to our national efforts we have studied and mastered all 50 states.   We consider the top 3 toughest jurisdictions to be Florida, Louisiana and Texas. (more…)

Relive the Fascination of cj Conference 2012

by Chasity Phillips | September 26th, 2012

Watch unforgettable moments from this year’s cj Conference:

cj Conference 2012

by Arnie Malham | September 20th, 2012

For many, this is a familiar trip. For some, this is the first of many treks to our annual cj conference. For everyone at cj, this is our 11th conference event, and we have certainly covered a lot of ground and growth over the years.


Top-Secret cj Conference Information

by Chasity Phillips | September 18th, 2012

cj Conference 2012 is less than 48 hours away. That means it’s time to get your camel face ready and your hump in the game!

To start, read this entire email. (more…)

cj Conference 2012 is almost here!

by Chasity Phillips | September 18th, 2012

Thursday marks the beginning of the 11th annual cj Conference. As always, you can look forward to two days filled with open discussions, great speakers, dinners and drinks, and our famous Camel Awards. (more…)

Final Week to Take the Fascination Advantage Test!

by Chasity Phillips | August 29th, 2012

More than 200 of your fellow conference guests have already taken the Fascination Advantage test. Now, they’re on their way to learning how to fascinate others. (more…)

Did You Forget to Take the Fascination Advantage Test?

by Chasity Phillips | August 16th, 2012

Take the Fascination Advantage test right now.