cj Conference 2012

by Arnie Malham | September 20, 2012

For many, this is a familiar trip. For some, this is the first of many treks to our annual cj conference. For everyone at cj, this is our 11th conference event, and we have certainly covered a lot of ground and growth over the years.

The vast majority of discussion at our first conference in 2002 focused on how to operationally conquer the new beast known as Mass Torts. Legal Intake Professionals was less than two years old, but was quickly becoming the standard in off-hours intake. And we talked a lot about how the Robert Vaughn ads were becoming a strong competitor in several markets.

This year, we’ll be discussing some of the same topics. We will definitely be talking about Mass Torts as many firms continue to aggressively build and maintain their inventory of cases. Legal Intake Professionals is now breaking new ground with outbound calling as they once did with after-hours intake. And while television spots remain the standard for building your brand, most everyone’s attention is on the future of Interactive, and the agency continues to lead our clients toward that future.

While maintaining excellence and leadership in traditional production and media, our focus remains on building an Interactive department that allows our clients a distinct and measurable advantage over their competitors. Interactive is the largest division in the agency and continues to grow to meet the increasing demands of our clients and the market.

As you enjoy this year’s conference, I invite you to reflect back on the history of your firm, your relationship with the agency, and the ongoing success that defines that relationship. We hope you remain engaged by, and fascinated with, our consistent drive toward future success.