no fee guarantee

No Fee Guarantee Goes International

by Jimmy Bewley | April 2nd, 2013

The NO FEE GUARANTEE is not just synonymous with U.S. law firms anymore!  It has officially crossed the Canadian border. Now, our good neighbors to the north can enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the NO FEE GUARANTEE when they need it most.     (more…)

Another NFG Milestone

by Jimmy Bewley | March 13th, 2013

Wow!  It’s hard to believe we’ve been defending the “No Fee Guarantee” (NFG) trademark against infringers for three years now.  We sent our first cease & desist on February 12, 2010. Recently, we received confirmation from the 151st firm we had identified as an infringer. They conceded to our IP ownership and fully recognized our federal registration. 151 is a great milestone, but we’re not done yet… (more…)

How the “No Fee Guarantee” Got Its Start…

by Jimmy Bewley | February 26th, 2013

The “No Fee Guarantee” (NFG) may be the most famous, or infamous, trademark in the legal advertising world. And no doubt your interpretation depends on whether you’re an authorized licensee…or not. For those not familiar with the NFG’s history, here’s a quick timeline on how we got to where we are today. (more…)

Trademark Latest

by Jimmy Bewley | November 15th, 2012

About 6 years ago we got into the trademark business.  We did so to secure and protect what we consider  valuable branding elements.

One of the first trademarks we received was “Get a Lawyer.  Get it Done” which was, and still is, being used by Hughes & Coleman going on 10 years now.  (more…)

What’s in a name? (Part 2)

by Jimmy Bewley | February 10th, 2012

The “No Fee Guarantee®”

For the most part, attaining a trademark registration can be a fairly uncomplicated process. It really depends on the attributes of the mark and the relationship to its alleged owner. Many of you may remember cj’s “No Fee Guarantee®” battle. As evidenced by this long, arduous, and expensive fight, these battles can be difficult.