No Fee Guarantee Goes International

by Jimmy Bewley | April 2, 2013

The NO FEE GUARANTEE is not just synonymous with U.S. law firms anymore!  It has officially crossed the Canadian border. Now, our good neighbors to the north can enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the NO FEE GUARANTEE when they need it most.    

The law firm of Klein Lyons, a longtime friend of cj, in Vancouver, B.C. is the latest authorized licensee of the NO FEE GUARANTEE. Although the practice of law in Canada is not all that dissimilar than in the United States, a few differences prevail.  However, we now have one very important thing in common:  Giving injured people the opportunity to pursue their claims without a potential financial risk with the NO FEE GUARANTEE.  As Klein Lyons states on their website: “If we don’t obtain a settlement or judgment for you then we do not collect any fees.  If you don’t win, you pay no fee, that’s our no fee guarantee”. If you would like to learn more about Klein Lyons and their new NO FEE GUARANTEE opportunity, check out their website 

We’ve had reports of more NFG sightings around world. Just recently, we’ve discovered firms using the language in Australia and the UK. Although we’re limited in our enforcement tactics concerning our compliance program beyond the boundaries of the U.S., we are keeping a watchful eye on international use and actively exploring possibilities. In the meantime, we’ll take pride in the fact word has spread so widely about the popularity of the NFG, as well as the benefits to those who need help.