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Better than Evernote®

by Richmond Williams | September 9th, 2014

Information SharingIn the past several months, as we revamped our cj Client Services team and created more direct interaction between you and each department, we decided our BHAG is to be the best source of market, industry, and firm knowledge for our clients and the agency.

To reach toward that goal, you’ll notice that each month, we share a multi-faceted Excel file we simply call the marketing worksheet.  I know – this banal name has already got you excited, but it belies the powerful contents it holds.

No more scrambling through old emails or files you inherited when someone left the firm.  Our goal is to have one spot where you and anyone at cj can quickly grab relevant information …and have all of us looking at the same info.

The Market Tab

This is the core of the marketing worksheet and where we started early last year.  The calendar format allows us – and you – to quickly glance vertically to do two things: (more…)