Better than Evernote®

by Richmond Williams | September 9, 2014

Information SharingIn the past several months, as we revamped our cj Client Services team and created more direct interaction between you and each department, we decided our BHAG is to be the best source of market, industry, and firm knowledge for our clients and the agency.

To reach toward that goal, you’ll notice that each month, we share a multi-faceted Excel file we simply call the marketing worksheet.  I know – this banal name has already got you excited, but it belies the powerful contents it holds.

No more scrambling through old emails or files you inherited when someone left the firm.  Our goal is to have one spot where you and anyone at cj can quickly grab relevant information …and have all of us looking at the same info.

The Market Tab

This is the core of the marketing worksheet and where we started early last year.  The calendar format allows us – and you – to quickly glance vertically to do two things: compare history and to see how multiple marketing initiatives and changes may have impacted results.

The market tab is intended to encompass as many of your activities as possible, even if cj doesn’t manage them.  That way, we’re all on the same page when we’re looking back to see why calls rose in May 2012 – only to remember that you put bus wraps all over the city and launched a new PPC campaign. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see where we track cost efficiencies and competitive changes.

The nickel tour through some of the other tabs:

  • Traffic – What spots are running on each schedule?
  • Calls Per Day – How many calls come in on Tuesdays?  Does that change over time?
  • Yellow Pages – Shows each book you’re in, to what extent and cost, and when it publishes
  • EXP Videos – A quick listing of not only which videos we’ve produced on your behalf each year, but where they reside online and how much you’ve paid for them
  • Tort History – Your participation over the years in mass tort marketing (local and national), whether sponsored or not
  • Budget Review – a consolidated and powerful annual look at what you’ve spent by category for each year your firm has been a cj client
  • Competitive Analysis – For Adscope subscribers, this breaks down case types and messaging (and changes in the same) of your top competitors’ TV spots. (NOTE: Not an Adscope subscriber and want to learn more? Talk to your brand team)
  • Legal Conferences – a listing of industry conferences throughout the year with links for more info
  • Interactive Stats – a running monthly, quarterly and annual look at everything you need to know about your online presence
  • Broadcast Calendar – What do they mean when they say August started July 28?
  • Domains – all the domains we know about, whether cj manages them or not
  • cj Contacts – your “team” of folks throughout cj working on your firm’s business
  • Client Contacts – This is a list of people at your firm that we work with and all of the information we provide them.  For instance, one person may not need to see the competitive spending analysis but just loves reading through our printed One Shot newsletters.
  • Master Client Contacts – If they still made Rolodexes, this would be it – for the whole cj family of clients.

Exhausted yet?  We certainly don’t intend to run through all of that in every conversation with you.  But now that the mouse has the cookie, we’re adding tabs as we go.  Coming soon: a listing of all of the phone numbers you use in advertising (in any media), a historical listing of your TV spot production, and more.  And you know we pride ourselves on getting some of our best ideas from clients, so bring ‘em!

At the same time, as we developed our new BHAG, we redefined our departmental mission to leverage our client and industry knowledge to make the agency an invaluable marketing resource for our clients. With your help, we’re well on our way.