Four Secrets to Success

by Arnie Malham | February 14th, 2008

Here and now again, I have overheard a client or three comment about a few of the operational things we do here at the agency. I have taken time to write and talk about the many elements of our One-Page Strategic Plan, including our BHAG, Brand Promises, and Core Values. But as Carter would say, “Give me an immediately executable idea that has helped your bottom line, productivity, and moral.” So, here are four tested, proven, and executable ideas that might just work for you.



by Arnie Malham | August 8th, 2007

To Build and represent the top 100 50 personal injury brands in the country.

So you ask…What happened? Why did you change from 100 to 50? Do you not already have almost 40 clients, how AUDACIOUS is the goal of 50? is all this about? Great questions…Let’s discuss.