Veterans Affairs

Woods & Woods – Veterans Benefits Q & A

by Richmond Williams | September 5th, 2014

What led the firm to start advertising for veterans benefits cases?
Prior to June 2007, you generally could not get paid for representing a veteran. I represented many veterans for free because I hated to turn them away. The law changed in 2007 to allow lawyers to get paid. When we announced we were representing veterans, the support from our cj brothers and sisters was great.

What were some unexpected obstacles along the way? What were some “a-ha moments”?
The biggest obstacles are the long delays – it usually takes three years from when we start representing a veteran to get paid. Another big obstacle has been, and continues to be, the constant changes in Veterans Affairs law, which forces us to continually modify our systems. In fact,
the “a-ha moment” was when we realized that the change would never stop. It is not possible to overstate Needles’ contribution to our success. We started with our Social Security checklist and have made many changes along the way. (more…)