SSDI Paid Leads

We all know the world of SSDI is changing every day.  With the trend of purchasing leads becoming increasingly popular, we decided to take a look at the raw data.  Here are the cold, hard, facts: *Case study based on 100 branded leads and 100 […]

Negotiate to Win-Win

On October 24, cj Media invited Belmont’s Dr. Susan Williams back to cj to lead our 3rd in-house Negotiation Seminar. Nineteen participants from 5 departments around MLG and cj attended this seminar that preaches negotiations that benefit both sides. Discussing options and building trust are […]

Processes, Processes, Processes

This blog post was written by Angel Putman, Director of Media Services Blah, Blah Blah…not really. The cj Media team has over 160 written processes that they follow. The purpose of these processes is to ensure each client gets the highest possible scrutiny every time […]

Nielsen 1Q Cross Platform Report

This post was written by Caitlin Zarella, Media Data Manager at cj Advertising. We all know Nielsen provides the media team with key information to make the most out of our media buys. But did you know they are also tracking how, why, and what […]

The Camel Client…

This blog post was written by Caitlin Zarrella, Media Data Manager at cj Advertising. The Camel Client — TCC. The question isn’t “what is it?” The question is “who is it?”

Digital Stations — What Are They, and Why Should You Care?

This blog post was written by Senior Media Buyers Jenny Druckenmiller and Darron McKnight. What are Digital Stations? When the media team refers to digital stations, we are talking about digital substations that are carried by major networks. In 2009, the FCC required broadcasters to […]

Spending Enough in Daytime TV. What’s Next?

Are you spending enough in daytime TV and want to know the next steps to continue BUILDING YOUR BRAND? cj Media has some options for you!

Your Video Will Begin in 30 Seconds

While Americans are watching more television than ever, online video services, such as Hulu, continue to gain steam. Hulu is currently #1 in the online premium video marketplace, offering the largest collection of video content with more than 30 million monthly unique users. Hulu offers […]