Nielsen 1Q Cross Platform Report

by Media | June 27, 2013

This post was written by Caitlin Zarella, Media Data Manager at cj Advertising.

We all know Nielsen provides the media team with key information to make the most out of our media buys. But did you know they are also tracking how, why, and what people are watching?

It’s true. Every quarter, Nielsen gathers and releases their data on what is going on in the ever-changing and evolving TV, Mobile, and Internet viewing markets.

The great news is that the results are in favor of all three viewing methods. The overall time spent viewing videos on traditional TV, Mobile devices, and devices connected to the Internet have all been increasing.

The biggest change we are seeing is the dual or even tri-screen trend. Viewers are watching their favorite TV show, while browsing the web on their computer, and playing with an app on their tablet or phone.

While spending and response in the Internet realm is rapidly increasing, we see different Online Video Ad Objectives. In 2010, Brand Awareness was 57% of respondents’ objectives with online ads. As the market has changed, so has the purpose. Now we are seeing the purpose for online video ads being brand engagement rather than just awareness. Ad Recall & general Driving of Web Traffic have also become more important in this digital world.

What people want now is basically everything. They want to view what they want, how they want, when they want it. Mobility is now a key factor in people’s viewership.

However, never to be outshined, traditional television is still thriving at an exponentially higher viewership level – and it’s continuing to grow.