SSDI Paid Leads

by Media | November 26, 2013

We all know the world of SSDI is changing every day.  With the trend of purchasing leads becoming increasingly popular, we decided to take a look at the raw data.  Here are the cold, hard, facts:

*Case study based on 100 branded leads and 100 paid leads.

Avg. Branded Sign-Up Ratio – 24%

Avg. Paid Lead Sign-Up Ratio – 9%

Firms used in calculations: FST, RHS, CRL/CRL partner markets

*Case Study Based on a $60 cost per branded call, and $30 cost per Paid Lead.

While we do believe paid leads can be an effective supplement to your caseload, it’s clear that brand generated leads are higher quality.

What are some of the issues with paid leads? First, most paid lead vendors don’t guarantee contact causing frustration for your firm to track them down.  Second, paid leads often include a high percentage of SSI and initial app claims, both of which are lower value than a SSD denial case.

Brand generated leads are reaching out to your firm, putting trust in your system that you can get them what they deserve. Paid Leads can be used as a supplemental lead supply, but dollars spent here should never be used to replace or outgrow brand generated leads.

If you’d like to discuss re-allocating some of your Paid Lead budget back to branded dollars, or have any questions, please contact SSD Strategist, Richmond Williams.