Processes, Processes, Processes

by Media | August 13, 2013

This blog post was written by Angel Putman, Director of Media Services

Blah, Blah Blah…not really. The cj Media team has over 160 written processes that they follow. The purpose of these processes is to ensure each client gets the highest possible scrutiny every time for everything. They have been vetted for over 19 years and are reviewed/improved on a regular basis. 

Do we actually follow these processes? 

You bet we do. We didn’t write them for the fun of it! One example: when we promise to review your program tracking on a monthly basis, does that mean we are changing your media schedule every few months? No, it means we are looking at every time period on every station, your current call averages as compared to historical, and several other factors including station rates and frequency of spots. And yes, that is done every single month without fail.

Are we perfect?  Do processes make us perfect?

No, we aren’t perfect. The processes just aid in getting us closer to being the best we can be, as consistently as possible. We work to ensure that every team member follows these processes every quarter. We also work to ensure the process that was written seven years ago is just as relevant as those created last week.  How can we do it better? I ask my team and myself that question constantly.

Stand by… reports coming your way!

We have sent many variations of reports throughout my tenure. We are going to give it another shot. We are working on an easy to read report that you will receive each month with a personal note from me. This report will include several stats including programs that are performing well and ones that we are “watching” as well as tweaks and changes to your schedule. I welcome your feedback once you review these reports.

Thanks for your continued trust — we are striving to build on that trust and increase your calls in the “process” (pun intended).