Your Video Will Begin in 30 Seconds

by Media | January 25, 2012

While Americans are watching more television than ever, online video services, such as Hulu, continue to gain steam.

Hulu is currently #1 in the online premium video marketplace, offering the largest collection of video content with more than 30 million monthly unique users. Hulu offers geo-targeted advertising at the state, DMA, and zip code levels based on the user’s IP address. With a diverse array of content, Hulu is able to attract audiences across all ages, genders, and geographic locations.


  • 4.5 Million Average Daily Unique Viewers
  • 260 Video Content Providers – FOX, ABC, CW, NBC, Universal, and Many More
  • Average User Consumes 250 Minutes of Content Per Month
  • 50/50 Male to Female Audience

Don’t worry, television is here to stay and still the absolute best place to invest your advertising dollars. However, it is important to know that viewers are supplementing their TV viewing time with online video content, which provides your firm with another opportunity to reach new and current demographics.

READ MY LIPS: NO NEW ASSETS (Unless you want them)

Interested? Your firm already has the necessary content to get started. Your 30-second production spots are the perfect length and can easily be modified to fit this format.

Of course, if you would like to shoot new spots that perfectly complement specific online video content, our Production team is always available to you. More firms, however, can get started with their existing content. We are not necessarily recommending Hulu as your next budget allocation, but when you are ready to Hulu, we will be too.