Spending Enough in Daytime TV. What’s Next?

by Media | April 19, 2013

Are you spending enough in daytime TV and want to know the next steps to continue BUILDING YOUR BRAND?

cj Media has some options for you!

Discretionary budgets are dollars used in different strategies other than your base direct response buy. Our media team places these schedules on a monthly basis with different strategies (or the same if calls dictate). One month we may place a schedule and “own” AM News. The next month may be a :10 blast. Those are just a couple of options that we rotate. We have seen positive results from this with a few clients.

Another option that may require less spend is Out of Home—primarily, billboards. Our outdoor buyer purchases these on a remnant basis. The result is a lot of boards for a low rate and in a lot of cases, extended time. If the boards don’t get sold, your ads stay up!

Newer to Media is Display Advertising. The goal is to reach as many people on the web as possible with the fewest dollars. It’s all about building more brand awareness and reaching your target demographic — a group that is becoming more and more internet savvy.

Ready for the next steps…talk to your Brand Strategist.