Three Times More Is Back! (sort of)

Every few years, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) analyzes a sample of data pertaining to automobile liability insurance claims. Then they slow-drip a series of reports summarizing different aspects of their findings. At cj Advertising, we carefully select a few of these reports to purchase […]

New Template: “Like Son, Like Father”

Before calling a lawyer, all accident victims do the same thing—they have a conversation. With spouses, doctors, parents, neighbors, friends— they talk to someone they trust about whether they should call a lawyer and which one they should call. Our new original template, “Like Son, […]

Insurance Poll: Why Auto Claimants Call Attorneys

A few weeks ago, the Insurance Research Council (IRC) released the results of a poll conducted to determine why car accident victims hire lawyers. The report, Motivation for Attorney Involvement in Auto Injury Claims, is based on 27,126 online interviews and follow-up questions asked of […]

New Year Special: “Fast Talker” Remake Is Ready for Air!

Have we got a deal for you! To help your law firm get 2018 started off right, Creative Services is offering a remake of one of our “greatest hits” at a steal of a price.

The Super Bowl Ad Every Lawyer Should Watch

At cj Advertising, our ‘Big Game Review’ is usually an internal, round-table event. This year, however, we branched out by sending emissaries (me and Jenny Madison) to a formal panel discussion (it cost money and everything!) to sample the fruits of advertising’s biggest night.

Pokémon Go: Still Going

Can you believe it’s already been three months since Pokémon Go first buzzed our phones? Neither can we. When this record-breaking game premiered in July, we were quick to support our clients’ efforts to find marketing opportunities based on its exploding popularity. Because this unique […]

Cleared for Takeoff!

Where do you find an advertising agency with a commercial drone license, two state-of-the-art drones, and two certified drone pilots who ALSO possess the talent to shoot quality video? Right here at cj Advertising, baby! Our Front-end Development Manager Jon Ray is a certified flight […]

New Political Lawyer Commercial: Too Hot to Handle?

You know that inner struggle you have when you see a tempting dessert, but your diet (or spouse) says you shouldn’t have it? Well, after you watch our new commercial “Candidates,” the angel on your right shoulder and the devil on your left are about […]

Lawyer Commercial Picking Up Steam

Every year, we make a variety of templates that lawyers can use in their advertising arsenal. But we always save a little creative juice for one project that will give our clients an edge, create some buzz, and most importantly, make that mother-lovin’ phone ring.