Pokémon Go: Still Going

by David Rumsey | September 29, 2016

pikachu-croppedCan you believe it’s already been three months since Pokémon Go first buzzed our phones? Neither can we.

When this record-breaking game premiered in July, we were quick to support our clients’ efforts to find marketing opportunities based on its exploding popularity. Because this unique mobile app caused a significant number of accidents, our top recommendation for personal injury law firms was to provide safety tips for gamers in their respective markets. That recommendation still stands.

Though the initial wave of excitement has died down, Pokémon Go remains a topical phenomenon. In fact, research firm App Annie estimates that 1 in 10 smartphone owners in the U.S. are still playing Pokémon Go, and approximately 30 million daily active users are playing the game worldwide. So what now?

For firms who would like to provide their communities with an up-beat reminder to keep playing this blockbuster game safely, Creative Services “hatched” a Pokémon-style video that’s still as relevant as the game itself!

This lil’ thang would make a fun way to spice up a Facebook post, blog, or email. Check it out and let us know if you’re interested. We’ll have it branded for your firm faster than you can say “Pikachu.” (Gesundheit!)