Cleared for Takeoff!

by David Rumsey | September 8, 2016

phantom drone (002)Where do you find an advertising agency with a commercial drone license, two state-of-the-art drones, and two certified drone pilots who ALSO possess the talent to shoot quality video?

Right here at cj Advertising, baby! Our Front-end Development Manager Jon Ray is a certified flight instructor and commercial pilot, and Production Manager Drew Williams has more than 25 hours of flight training and just became one of the first drone operators in the nation to get the “remote pilot airman certificate,” a new classification specifically for drone pilots. As of now, we could be the only American ad agency with a unique combination of production experience, pilot training, and ownership of two kick-ass drones that are charged and ready to rock!

Rarified Air

In the last few weeks, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has taken steps to address the growing demand for commercial drone use—as they should. An unmanned, camera-fitted quadcopter in the hands of an amateur is a threat to safety and privacy. Because of our diligence in complying with new FAA regulations, the cj Advertising family is getting ahead of the competition and in on the “sky” floor. Our clients likely are the first law firms in their markets to have regular access to killer (and compliant) drone footage.

In the short term, these sophisticated little aircrafts can be differentiators to our clients’ marketing efforts. In the long term, they will always be powerful tools to have in our visual storytelling vocabulary. Our Creative Services team is always exploring ways to give our clients an edge. Our drones and our ability to use them are the latest developments that have us all “a-buzz.”