New Template: “Like Son, Like Father”

by David Rumsey | June 14, 2018

Before calling a lawyer, all accident victims do the same thing—they have a conversation. With spouses, doctors, parents, neighbors, friends— they talk to someone they trust about whether they should call a lawyer and which one they should call.

Our new original template, “Like Son, Like Father” taps into this reality and so much more.

  • According to a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, the No. 1 reason people call an attorney is because someone they trust told them to do so.
  • There’s an advantage to calling an attorney who specializes in car accident cases.
  • Younger people (millennials) influence many purchasing choices, even those of their elders.

The action in the spot is simple. A woman has been injured in a car accident. In a coffee shop, her concerned son and husband discuss why they should call your firm for help. It’s just a conversation—the kind that always happens before someone calls your firm.

Check it out. Once you see how valuable having a spot like this in your rotation, contact Director of Creative Services Jennifer Floyd.