Lawyer Commercial Picking Up Steam

by David Rumsey | April 26, 2016

Train 4Every year, we make a variety of templates that lawyers can use in their advertising arsenal. But we always save a little creative juice for one project that will give our clients an edge, create some buzz, and most importantly, make that mother-lovin’ phone ring.

We bring you “Don’t Need A Lawyer.” Of all the templates we’ve produced, this one may be my favorite. The content is entertaining enough for the general public, yet respectful and informative to be useful for an injured person. Creative, on-point, and picking up momentum among our clients… if you haven’t already, check out this little baby from cj Advertising’s Creative Services department.

Don't Need Clip 2

Why We Love It

As advertisers for injury lawyers, educating the public to help them avoid mistakes is a huge component to our messaging strategy: here’s why you should get a lawyer; here’s what happens if you don’t. We find our best stuff—even a lighter commercial like this—works best when it’s based on something factual.

The concept of “Don’t Need a Lawyer” sprouted from a study by the American Bar Foundation (mentioned in our earlier post). The survey notes that a staggering 80% of people don’t seek help when confronted with civil justice situations. I wasn’t a math major, but 80% seems like a lotta lawyerin’ that ain’t gettin’ done. Of those 80% who didn’t get a lawyer, the No. 1 reason given by respondents was this whopper: they didn’t think they needed it.

That reason became the refrain for our commercial.

The beauty of “Don’t Need A Lawyer” is that it doesn’t seek to explain all of the specific motives people had for not calling a lawyer. It simply attacks the folly of not doing so. By comparing this decision to other decisions with terrible consequences, the viewer understands that not calling a lawyer is a really bad idea.

Hope you enjoyed the spot. cj Advertising will continue to produce future ads related to this and other similar concepts. Thanks for reading.