New Year Special: “Fast Talker” Remake Is Ready for Air!

by David Rumsey | January 15, 2018

Fast Talker ThumbnailHave we got a deal for you! To help your law firm get 2018 started off right, Creative Services is offering a remake of one of our “greatest hits” at a steal of a price.

The spot is “Fast Talker,” which veteran clients will remember as the one with the fine-print spewing insurance guy who gets a door slammed in his face. It was an enormously successful ad back in the day. But like a lot of classics, the clothes, cars, hair, and picture quality are too dated to compete in today’s broadcast landscape.

Since the script is a timeless winner (tip o’ the hat to Mssrs. Bewley and Malham), we feel that, like Scarface, Father of the Bride, Manchurian Candidate, and Oceans 11, the new “Fast Talker” could be even better than the original.

Take a look. If you like it, contact Director of Creative Services Jennifer Floyd, and we’ll get it tagged and put in rotation for your firm pronto. But don’t wait too long. The New Year nice price is only good through the end of the month.

Hope you enjoy the spot. We look forward to hearing from you.

DDB 2003 AA Fast Talker