When You’re a Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail

Problem #1: Digital Media vs. Traditional Media I’ve swung my traditional marketing hammer over and over and over until my arm hurts, and now it is so very rewarding to see the additional digital resources being created, tested, unveiled at the agency. As the data […]

Holding Back the Camel vs. Racing Forward the Herd

Day 1: September 15, 1994 After being fired in September 1994, I made three now legendary phone calls to J. Marshall Hughes, Bob Crumley, and Bill Berg. All three said yes to being the first clients of what would grow to become the biggest, best, and most […]

Winning is Earned, Not Given

FOR YEARS, I’ve employed a bit of self-deprecating humor by saying, “no team I’ve ever cheered for has won a championship.” Many have come close, including the NFL Tennessee Titans in 1999 and the NHL Nashville Predators just this year (2017). However, this summer, my […]

Get Out. Let Others In.

Question…How many personal injury law firms have you visited, toured, and learned from in your career? It doesn’t matter if they are in your market, or far, far away. Because the learning that happens in someone else’s shop is often above and beyond the effects […]

Early 2017 Headlines

Legal Intake Professionals: SOLD! 300 10th Avenue South: UNDER CONTRACT! cj Advertising: Ready to ROCK IT FORWARD!!! Jimmy and I certainly made headlines with the recent announcement of two massive strategic moves involving the sale of LIP to Stericycle Inc. and an agreement to sell […]

Arnie’s Got a Book: What’s Up With That?

Here’s a riddle for you: There are four seagulls sitting on the dock. Three decide to leave. How many seagulls are left? Answer: Four. Why?

Why We Ask? What We Learn?

Five years ago, in the spring of 2011, the agency started asking for feedback from its clients via the following question: “Balancing the agency’s history of accomplishment for your firm with our work over the past 90 days, how happy are you with the agency’s […]

Is This Our Last Client Conference?

Here is a radical question… Is this our last client conference? While each year’s conference rocks more than the last, is it time for a change? Is it time to rethink how we can best spend our time, effort, and energy as a group? Is […]

Championships, Brands, and Coaching

When Champions win, it’s not by accident. Champions win only after intense planning, investment, and execution. With any winning team…it is not about fancy uniforms or a new stadium. With any winning brand…it’s not about fancy packaging or a slick office.