When You’re a Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail

by Arnie Malham | March 22, 2018

Problem #1: Digital Media vs. Traditional Media

I’ve swung my traditional marketing hammer over and over and over until my arm hurts, and now it is so very rewarding to see the additional digital resources being created, tested, unveiled at the agency. As the data proves, we are at the absolute height of our dependence and reliance on traditional media, and thus there is no better time to invest heavily in “next.”

For all of those who think you already have, beware of false attribution and vendors chasing unicorns. Our team will be attuned to a wholistic and reasonable approach to marketing success with numbers you can follow and budgets that create success for your firm.

Problem #2: Operational vs. Marketing Woes

We often find the key to growing our clients’ practices is not a marketing problem, and no matter how awesome our producers, buyers, and strategists are, sending your firm more intakes often only accelerates the challenges facing the firm. After all, nothing will drive a bad restaurant (or a firm) out of business faster than more marketing when operations are askew.

Marketing will only increase the delta between the “experience clients expect” and “the experience they get.” When this happens, the voice of clients complaining counters your marketing message and your firm’s forecast to failure becomes predictable.

Solutions Found

Yes, “times, they are a changing,” and the agency (and its clients) are on a collision course for a tomorrow that will bring new challenges, new competitors, and possibly even a whole new playing field. To take on this new future, it becomes essential to find new ways to build your brand, improve your operations, and give your clients the right kind of experience that’s worth talking about.

Under the new cj, your firm will have its very best chance at Digital Excellence (vs. Irrational Spending) and Operational Excellence (vs. Marginal Indifference). Your firm will thrive by spending the right dollars on the right mediums and your clients will be as happy as your team members as your firm grows, thrives, and consistently outperforms the marketplace. Under the new cj, your firm has never been more prepared for the future, and the agency has never had a client base so ready to dominate their markets. It’s a win-win!