Championships, Brands, and Coaching

by Arnie Malham | August 1, 2015

ArnieHeadshotWhen Champions win, it’s not by accident.

Champions win only after intense planning, investment, and execution.

With any winning team…it is not about fancy uniforms or a new stadium.

With any winning brand…it’s not about fancy packaging or a slick office.

Winning starts with recruiting, builds momentum with training, sees promise with execution, and so very often, is able to take advantage of a little luck on the way to a becoming a champion.

And guiding a champion, is most always a great coach who has built his team from the ground up, who knows his strategy, and has 100% focus on the mission.

Think of any championship team and the level of respect you and the world have for the coach. Think about how winning a championship literally and instantly changes everyone’s perception and description of the coach.

I know you are busy. You have lots of important things to do and priorities to accomplish. But stop and think about the one thing that will actually benefit your brand the most. Your brand needs a great leader. If you can find a way to be a great coach first, everything else will work out.

  • Championship coaches don’t take the field; they command the field. (Stop working in your firm.)
  • Championship coaches don’t play without a game plan. (Stop winging a business plan; get it on paper.)
  • Championship coaches don’t blame their players for failures. (Culture reflects leadership.)
  • Championship coaches don’t try to do it all. (Surround yourself with quality people, and let them do their job.)
  • Champions are seldom born but are most always built.

 What are you doing to build your firm into a champion brand in your market?

  • Do you have the right people?
  • Do you have the right strategy?
  • Is your execution repeatable and flawless?
  • Are you trying to coach, quarterback, and catch the ball?

Pick your path, but if you are not coaching like a champion, don’t expect to win like a champion. Because when it comes to creating a winning brand, there are no shortcuts, excuses, or easy days.

  • Who is your favorite championship coach?
  • What are you doing to emulate their style?
  • What are you doing completely counter to their philosophy?

Make a list on both sides, refer to it often, and start building a championship business and brand!