Is This Our Last Client Conference?

by Arnie Malham | October 8, 2015

ArnieDogPhotoHere is a radical question…

Is this our last client conference?

While each year’s conference rocks more than the last, is it time for a change? Is it time to rethink how we can best spend our time, effort, and energy as a group? Is it time to reinvent this opportunity into something that matches our vision of the future? Is it time to redefine the future of our business and our market?

2015 marks our 14th consecutive cj client conference. What started as a relatively small roundtable event in 2002 has grown into a relatively large presentation for the past several years.

Great sponsors, great speakers, great themes, and great venues have all contributed to the conference’s success, but the number 1 factor for success has always been our clients’ attendance and willingness to invest time and effort into the process of sharing and growing.

In short, our clients have always been the power of this conference, and our clients will always hold the key to its future and success.

What is your vision for where this group should go? What role should the agency play in getting us there? What is your vision for how our group can best leverage our strengths and our collective knowledge?

We essentially have 30-45 days to decide if we will regather for client conference #15 next year, or if we might be better served by taking a year off and/or refocusing our effort toward another endeavor for the group.Weigh in and we’ll do our best to move our group not just forward, but ahead!

Weigh in… Upon completion of this conference we need to hear from you.

One more year? Five more years? No more years?