Early 2017 Headlines

by Arnie Malham | April 6, 2017


Legal Intake Professionals: SOLD!

300 10th Avenue South: UNDER CONTRACT!

cj Advertising: Ready to ROCK IT FORWARD!!!

Jimmy and I certainly made headlines with the recent announcement of two massive strategic moves involving the sale of LIP to Stericycle Inc. and an agreement to sell our property at 300 10th Avenue South to developers.  But the most important headline for this conference involves the future of the agency and our plans to ROCK IT and our CLIENTS forward!

With our most tenured and energized team ever, the agency has never been better positioned and more focused on the continued mission of building our brands to annual record highs in inquiries and legendary performance.

As a team, our average tenure is 7.0 years.

And it gets even better when you look at us by department.

  • Media: 7.3 years
  • Creative Service: 7.1 years
  • Client Services: 4.9 years
  • Interactive: 3.2 years
  • National 11.1 years

Jimmy and I definitely help the overall average and our rock solid entry level support team members balance us out, but there is no denying that our experience and focus are paying big dividends for our clients.

And what about the tenure and success of the agency’s clients?  Nearly every cj firm set new intake records in 2016, and early indications are that they will do the same in 2017.  The tenacity and ability of our firms to create success and remain an ongoing force in their respective markets is not just impressive, it’s legendary.  Success in business is hard.  Sustained success in business is really hard.  Dominance and growth over 10, 15, and even 20 years represents a whole new level of extraordinary.

This all leads to the best headline of all… “Agency and Clients Rock It Forward…Again!”