Get Out. Let Others In.

by Arnie Malham | July 12, 2017

2016-10-06_Arnie_GP_82680Question…How many personal injury law firms have you visited, toured, and learned from in your career?

It doesn’t matter if they are in your market, or far, far away. Because the learning that happens in someone else’s shop is often above and beyond the effects of a conference, workshop, or seminar.


Because it’s real.

It’s not how it’s supposed to be, or might be. It’s how it is. The smiles (or not) at the front desk, the unavoidable (or absent) culture, the vibe, the huddles, and the body language of the team are all real. The signage, the parking lot, the lobby, the breakroom, and the bathrooms! The “one on one” fierce conversations about what’s working and more importantly, what’s not…and why.

A great many cj firms have visited other cj firms, and those visits have created transformational results. If you’ve done it, you know the power. If you have not, what’s holding you back?

Too far, too few, not enough time, and not invited are all bullshit excuses. No one reading this letter would turn down another cj client if they wanted to come and visit, tour, and learn for the day. In fact, those who have hosted visitors know that they often learn a great deal as well. Simply getting your shop ready for company can uncover an amazing amount of adjustment, and seeing your own shop through a colleague’s eyes can be extraordinarily enlightening.

At cj, we’ve started building a grid to find out who has visited the most firms (and the fewest), who has hosted the most visits (and the fewest), and where the greatest potential can be found in continuing to connect our clients. Our goal is to double the number of known cross client visits before the cj Conference in Fall of 2018.

Look for more on this over the next few months, and start cleaning up for company, because if we have our way…company is a comin’, and the learning, laughing, and growing will only get better!!!