How to Use CSA Reports to Gauge the Competitive Landscape in Your Market

If you’re a cj media client, you might take notice when competitive spending analysis reports (CSAs) pop up in your inbox every month.* You may have observed some high spending estimates reported for you and your competitors. You may even have wondered why or how […]

Pay Per Inquiry: Where do we stand?

Last June, we launched a push toward creating pay per inquiry opportunities with, primarily, print avenues. Over the past year, your cj Media team has researched and pitched various publications in over 25 markets, including Houston, West Palm Beach, Birmingham, D.C., Nashville, and Austin, among […]

On the Horizon: Pay Per Inquiry

 Pay Per Inquiry (PPI) opportunities may be just around the corner. As mentioned in  Media Buyer Lee Sparrow’s blog, “Print – Time of Death: 2015”, as print ad revenues continue to decline, we’re jumping on this as an opportunity to create a more robust pay […]

Yellow Pages: Are You Using All the Data to Your Advantage?

This post was written by Katie Saltonstall, Sr. Yellow Pages Manager at cj Advertising. Historically, Yellow Page books were evaluated based on what we call a “quality call.” A quality call is a call lasting three minutes or longer. This evaluation method was put in […]