Pay Per Inquiry: Where do we stand?

by Katie Saltonstall | June 16, 2016

newspaperLast June, we launched a push toward creating pay per inquiry opportunities with, primarily, print avenues.

Over the past year, your cj Media team has researched and pitched various publications in over 25 markets, including Houston, West Palm Beach, Birmingham, D.C., Nashville, and Austin, among many others. This totals more than 250 publications. Of the roughly 250 publications pitched, we came to an agreement with about 20 for a PPI model in which you pay only for Auto Accident intakes, at a rate tailored to your market’s cost per Auto call benchmarks.

Let’s talk results

Through the implementation of each campaign, we’ve found it’s a great opportunity for getting some free ad space, which provides additional brand exposure. When we’re talking about calls specifically, the call volume has not been through-the-roof. But as we’ve said before, when you’re paying only for qualified Auto inquiries—where’s the downside?

Looking ahead

As the marketplace continues to evolve, and print ad revenues continue their decline, we expect to negotiate many more PPI deals. Your cj Media team is on top of seizing those alternative opportunities, which in many cases, is an opportunity for free branding in your market. Your cj Media team will be in touch as prospects arise in your market.