On the Horizon: Pay Per Inquiry

by Katie Saltonstall | June 25, 2015

blog photo_future Pay Per Inquiry (PPI) opportunities may be just around the corner. As mentioned in  Media Buyer Lee Sparrow’s blog, “Print – Time of Death: 2015”, as print ad revenues continue to decline, we’re jumping on this as an opportunity to create a more robust pay per inquiry model.

We have active PPI campaigns with one yellow page publisher, Hibu (formerly Yellowbook). We have also participated in various newspaper PPI opportunities. Though the previous opportunities didn’t bring through-the-roof call volume, when you’re paying per inquiry, where’s the downside?

PPI Roadmap 

Our next step is making a big push toward print ads in newspapers and magazines, as well as potential online opportunities. So far, we’ve targeted about 20 different opportunities across a few markets. From here, we’ll work with those media entities to create a win-win PPI model. We even have a nifty report showing your market(s) along with the target cost per auto intake for the PPI program, tailored to your cost per call benchmarks.

Each program’s details will vary somewhat depending on our negotiation with each media entity. However, our primary objective is to pay only for auto intakes at a rate that is profitable for your firm. Intake qualification and tracking will be done via Legal Intake Professionals.

Seizing PPI Opportunities 

This is just one way your Media team at cj is continuing to drive innovation in an ever-changing marketplace. We may try 50 campaigns and 49 may fail, but one success could be the game-changer we are looking for in this landscape.

As we continue down the PPI path, if opportunities arise in your market, we’ll be in touch to discuss. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Katie Saltonstall if you have any interest in the existing PPI yellow page program or have any questions regarding our next PPI venture.