Yellow Pages: Are You Using All the Data to Your Advantage?

by Katie Saltonstall | March 7, 2013

This post was written by Katie Saltonstall, Sr. Yellow Pages Manager at cj Advertising.

Historically, Yellow Page books were evaluated based on what we call a “quality call.” A quality call is a call lasting three minutes or longer. This evaluation method was put in place based on research showing approximately 70% of calls lasting three minutes or longer turned into intakes.

In late 2011, we began routing Yellow Page books through Legal Intake Professionals (LIP) to track details down to the case. This new way of tracking allows us to see exactly how many intakes result from each book. With the help of our clients providing their sign-ups, we compare the LIP intake report to the sign-ups to see how many cases result from the book, all by case type.

From there, we hone in on how many Auto cases resulted from the book, deriving a cost per Auto case for each book. You can’t get any more in-depth than that.

Over half of our YP management clients are now participating in this new way of tracking. And it has paid off — to the tune of $1.8 million in savings from books that, via the LIP tests, have provided the opportunity for savings. But that’s only half the story. In many cases, the advertising has proven its value.

The examples below illustrate just how important in-depth evaluation is in a declining industry, and how calls alone may not be the deciding factor.

Client: Y

  • Quality Calls: 26 Quality Calls/ Month
  • LIP Test Results: 7 Auto Sign Ups
  • Cost/Auto Sign Up: $799
  • Outcome: Efficient. Renewed program—value proven

Client: Z

  • Quality Calls: 101 Quality Calls/ Month
  • LIP Test Results: 3 Auto Sign Ups
  • Cost/Auto Sign Up: $2,191
  • Outcome: Inefficient. Reduced presence—saved $73,335 annually

If you’re interested in participating in this unique way of yellow pages tracking (or just have questions), please contact your Client Services team.