by Arnie Malham | June 14, 2008

In less than three months, most of you reading this will be making your annual trip to the great city of Nashville. Home of the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, Get a Lawyer – Get it Done, and of course…cj Advertising.

As you might imagine, the entire agency is beginning to make preparations for this show of increasing expectations. Who will win this year’s coveted Camel Awards? Who will be able to guess this year’s Palm tab? Who will do their best to heckle Arnie while he is attempting his best Tony Robbins impersonation? Obviously the answers to these three questions are Carter Mario, Bill Berg, and John Michael Bailey.

Now for some really hard questions…

What’s the status of your brand?

Branding was the conference theme from 2006. What moves have you made to elevate, improve, and/or modify your brand in the market place since the conference?

How’s would your rate your firms’ customer service aptitude?

Putting Clients First was the conference theme at last year’s conference. What moves have you made to elevate, improve, and/or modify your firm’s ability to deliver consistent and quality customer service at your firm?

How successful have you been at putting it all together?

Connecting the Dots has been chosen as this year’s conference theme. The conference presentations and discussions will focus on topics designed to help you better manage the business of your business, the consistency of your brand, and the culture of your law firm, and therefore, projecting your vision for the future. Helping you, your leaders, and your entire organization Connect the Dots to success.

To help, we are bringing in the president of Gazelles International (, Patrick Thean. Patrick will address the group on Friday afternoon. The presentation, for some, will represent the most important aspect ever developed for successfully maintaining the culture, energy, and momentum of your business…your law firm. Patrick will teach the importance of, and the science behind, the one-page strategic plan as described in Vern Harnish’s book The Rockefeller Habits.

We expect an absolutely full house and full participation from our firms. Be looking for the launch of The Web site will feature conference information regarding hotels, dinners, and agendas for the meeting.

For now, save the date for September 25 – 27, and plan on another great time in Nashville!