Culture Reflects Leadership…

by Chasity Phillips | January 24, 2013

Today, 20 cj clients from around the country arrived in Nashville and are currently experiencing cj Advertising’s first “official” Camel Culture Tour.

Beginning at 9 and lasting until 4, this inaugural group of “Culture Junkies” are pondering the question, “Does our firm’s culture reflect the attitude and values we want in our firm?”

This highly-focused day (think drinking water from a fire hose) began with a super quick facility tour of cj showcasing various programs actually built into the building (think Sonic ice machine and recognition screens) followed by an hour-long Camel Culture overview presentation by Arnie. From there, breakdown sessions will focus on Scorecards, Morale Surveys, Recognition Programs, Book Club and more (Camel Culture ALWAYS includes a few surprises).

Not only do we appreciate these fine folks for making the trip, we very much appreciate the overwhelming response we received from so many of our clients wanting to attend today’s tour. Simply put, we ran out of room. Please know, this is the first of what we hope to be many more tours. We will get it wrong. We will make it better. Then, we’ll get it right!

Standby for the next Camel Culture Tour date. We look forward to seeing you and your firm on our next tour.