Mike Bottaro’s Spot “Selection”

Car Accident? It’s Good to Know…Mike Bottaro! Mike Bottaro was the first to take advantage of our new Select Shoot option. It incorporates proven scripts, a cool pre-produced graphics package, and best of all, a quick turnaround. Check it out! For details about the benefits […]

We Know You’ve Been Waiting…

What has industry-exclusive reports and data that compares your law firm to other firms across the country? What does cj offer that no other agency offers? And what is the most exciting book release since “Fifty Shades of Grey”? THE 2012 YEAR END BOOK!

Camel Culture Part Deux…

At cj Advertising, we want our culture to be so good, that people R&D it – Rip Off and Duplicate, that is. If this comment about cj’s first official Camel Culture Tour is any indication, we’re headed in the right direction: Survey comment #3: “Employees […]

Pay-Per-Click: We Don’t Set It and Forget It

We Don’t Set It and Forget It When cj Advertising’s Interactive team runs a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, our efforts pay off. In 2012, clients with locally targeted Search Network PPC campaigns saw averages of: 8% Web form conversion rates 9% quality call conversion rates $295* […]

Rocky Mountain Hi!

During our week long shoot in Colorado, we captured the McDivitt family in their “natural habitat.” This firm truly cares about their community, and they want to share that message. In a heartfelt spot called “Family Community,” you can see and believe that McDivitt Law […]

How Will You Spend Your Saved YP Dollars?

$1.8 million. That’s how much money our clients saved in just the past year using our in-depth Yellow Pages (YP) tracking. By routing YP books through Legal Intake Professionals, we evaluate each directory based on actual cost per auto sign up.

Culture Reflects Leadership…

Today, 20 cj clients from around the country arrived in Nashville and are currently experiencing cj Advertising’s first “official” Camel Culture Tour.

EXP Wants to Tell Your Firm’s 2013 Story

EXP wants to know: What’s your firm’s vision for 2013? What extraordinary things will your staff members do for your clients, community, and practice? How will you capture those moments and share them with the world?

Advertise in the Great Outdoors with cj Media!

Billboards are a great way to supplement your existing advertising strategies, and cj’s Media team would love to help you with placement. We use a unique strategy to target your demographic and make your brand seem like it’s “everywhere” at a fraction of the rate […]