cj Client Conference 2008

by Arnie Malham | September 14, 2008

During cj’s 2008 Client Conference, we showcased many of the agency’s exceptional services, products, and offerings from new commercials and YP management services to the interactive power of EXP and all the outstanding ways we make your brands zing. Furthermore, you met our new employees as well as our new clients. You reconnected with friends and reenergized yourself as you continue to build your brands and drive your firms’ successes. And of course, you laughed, laughed, laughed at the 2008 Camel Awards.

Most importantly, beyond the power of the agency and the actual conference, was the power of the interaction and sharing of challenges, experiences, and successes throughout the group. We took significant time to talk about many of those experiences for the benefit of all. E’s Battle with Bar, J. Marshall and Lee’s Push to Albuquerque, Rick Harris’s TicketBusters, FSTN’s Growing Social Security Partnership, and more.

Last year’s keynote speaker John DiJulius delighted all and even earned an encore performance with his inspiring presentation on customer service. This year’s keynote speaker, Ron Huntington, focused your attention on how to establish a strategic vision to truly power your firm via Verne Harnish’s book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

With the 2008 conference now behind us, we hope you considered the conference a success, and we hope we’ve given you the tools for your firm to continue to “Connect the Dots” and make the agency work for you, “Connect the Dots” and leverage the collective knowledge of the group, and “Connect the Dots” and continue to build your brand, your firm and your success.