At cj Advertising, Lawyers Rock!

by Creative Services | February 11, 2016

Lawyers RockThis post was written by Nicole Melton, Producer at cj Advertising.

Jon Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton, Drew Brees, Taylor Swift, George Jones, Lionel Richie, Orlando Bloom, Ray Charles, Tommy Lee…

What do these celebrities have in common?  They all were interviewed by me and/or appeared on shows I produced. I could name about a zillion others, but that would be extra obnoxious (klink… name drop!). The truth is, our entire production team—from producers to writers to editors—have worked with Hollywood A-listers, presidents, politicians, scientists, musicians and more.

Why am I telling you this?

Because if you’re a cj Advertising client, you are our rock star now. The attention, care, and respect we used to pay to celebrities now goes to you. You want your dressing room filled with red M&Ms and Jim Beam? Vanilla candles and white roses? Organic milk and Lucky Charms? You got it. When we ask what you’d like us to have on hand for you, we mean it. Nothing will shock us, and we won’t think you are a diva. Tell us! We want you to enjoy your shoot days as much as possible. You have the difficult part, and we’ll do whatever we can to make the day painless and stress-free.

Besides the day of the shoot, we also have some rock star tricks we use in edit. This helps you look your very best. I won’t reveal all our secrets, but just know, we have your back. When you see a celebrity looking fantastic on TV, don’t forget they may have had a little help, too. True story: I was working on a show once and the VERY FAMOUS artist being interviewed had a huge pimple on her forehead. She agreed to still do the interview, but only if we took the zit out in post. Of course we did. The rest of the world only saw a smooth, blemish-free forehead. The raw footage is under lock and key somewhere, never to be seen again. (And I’ll never tell.)

Your secrets are safe with us, too. It’s called producer-attorney privilege. So rock on cj clients, and remember, we’re your biggest fans!