Camel Culture Part Deux…

by Chasity Phillips | March 5, 2013

At cj Advertising, we want our culture to be so good, that people R&D it – Rip Off and Duplicate, that is. If this comment about cj’s first official Camel Culture Tour is any indication, we’re headed in the right direction:

Survey comment #3:

“Employees seemed happy and engaged in what they were doing. The morale survey presentation was informative. Camel surprises were pretty good too. I liked the idea of actually writing down our unwritten writtens — now we have a name for them. The day went above our expectations.” Engaged + Happy = Culture That Rocks! Thank you. We’re thrilled the day was above your expectations.

With 19 participants from 13 different firms, this is just one of the many comments we received from cj Advertising’s inaugural Camel Culture Tour held on Thursday, Jan. 24th. The agenda? A day jam-packed with our highlights of our culture-in-action to demonstrate the importance of culture by design. From facility tours and recognition envelopes to book club and morale surveys, each of the participants took away something different from the day. While Arnie’s presentation, Camel Culture Overview, earned the “excellent” award, Kristine Baetz’s presentation for Staff Meeting/Morale Survey and Lauren Head’s segment for Book Club ran very close seconds.

And while we would love to say everything went perfectly smooth, we’ll be the first to admit that we definitely discovered a few “opportunities” during this camel-filled day, but that’s all part of the fun, right?! We’re tweaking. We’re refining. In the words of a great Camel Culture Guide (aka Arnie Malham) – Get it wrong. Make it better. Get it right.

We’re getting back on that camel. We’re hosting another Camel Culture Tour on Thursday, May 2nd. We’d love for your firm to join us. We also learned that we should be charging for this tour, but we’re going to hold off on that for now…so no excuses. We look forward to having you SOON!

We learned that 12 attendees is about max capacity for the optimal experience. As of right now, 8 of the 12 spots are filled. So, if you’re ready to change the culture of your firm, email Arnie ( or Chasity ( right now. Your place will be reserved.