Unlocking Efficiency at Personal Injury Firms: Top Takeaways from Xcelerate Your Profitability 2023

Earlier this month, top PI firms from around the country gathered in Las Vegas for Xcelerate Your Profitability 2023. Over 2 and a half days, Chad Dudley and Micki Love walked through each and every report, process, and analysis that they use to take PI […]

Uncovering the Power of Leading and Lagging Indicators in Personal Injury Law Firms

When running a Personal Injury law firm, navigating your firm’s performance and projections can often feel overwhelming. However, if you have an understanding of leading and lagging indicators, you can simplify this process and pave the path to maximizing your PI firm.  Leading Indicators: Forecasting […]

The Value of Email Databases for Personal Injury Law Firms

At cj, we are always looking for new ways that our clients can better connect with their communities, build brand recognition, and ultimately receive good case leads from those efforts. As the market becomes more saturated and competitive, it is getting more important that firms […]

2023 Personal Injury Event Recap 

Each year, there seem to be more and more Personal Injury conferences and events popping up throughout the country. As the list of options grows, it can be difficult to determine which events are truly worth your time and money. When choosing a conference to […]

Understanding the Best Practices for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys 

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of advertising specifically for big truck cases, reminding your market that your law firm is capable of handling this case type and is there to help. Similarly, if your personal injury firm takes motorcycle cases, it […]

In The Personal Injury World, You Get Big Truck Cases If You Ask For Them 

Here at cj Advertising, we are big believers in asking for what you want, especially when it comes to big truck cases. Due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved in a big truck accident, these cases are often catastrophic and severely injure […]

Could Your Personal Injury Marketing Dollars Be Slipping Away From You?

Here at cj Advertising, we are constantly monitoring our clients’ marketing dollars. Even if your personal injury law firm is not a cj client, you can and should be doing the same thing. At any given time, you should know what you are spending across […]

How Effective Case Management and Marketing Work Together

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that marketing ends as soon as a case gets in the door. Your marketing dollars have done their job, right? On the contrary, marketing continues far beyond the initial call or web submission.  In a recent […]

Doing Better Work With Max Yoder

At cj Conference 2022, we had the pleasure of listening to Max Yoder’s keynote presentation, “Do Better Work: Finding Clarity and Camaraderie in Work and Life” based on his book, Do Better Work. Max founded Lessonly, an online learning platform, and served as the CEO […]