Understanding the Best Practices for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys 

by Eli Harrell | April 10, 2023

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of advertising specifically for big truck cases, reminding your market that your law firm is capable of handling this case type and is there to help. Similarly, if your personal injury firm takes motorcycle cases, it is crucial that you have a specific marketing strategy for this unique case type. If you only advertise your firm as an auto accident firm, people will not know that they can call you with more specific case types such as motorcycle cases. Especially in the motorcycle community, building trust and rapport is crucial. For this reason, we highly recommend that you are intentional in your motorcycle advertising efforts. Read on for things to consider as well as recommendations for successful motorcycle advertising. 

Understanding Motorcycle Season 

While some motorcyclists may ride year-round, for most riders, it’s a seasonal activity. When the weather gets warmer, people are much more likely to take their bikes out for a ride. For this reason, we recommend concentrating your motorcycle advertisements around motorcycle season. When deciding the timing for running a motorcycle TV schedule, keep your specific market in mind. Go on-air in the spring when the temperatures start rising, and go off-air when the weather starts getting cold in the late fall or early winter (depending on where you live). In some markets where it stays warm all twelve months, motorcycle season may be year-round, whereas in other markets, it might only be two or three months long. Pay attention to when riders are actually out where you live and plan accordingly. If you are going to run social media campaigns or giveaways, it’s good to push these out right as bikers are gearing up for motorcycle season. 

Don’t Fake It 

You don’t have to own or ride a motorcycle to be a fantastic motorcycle attorney. If riding is something that you enjoy and the hobby is authentic to you, then you can absolutely share this with your market. Knowing that you are a fellow rider will certainly stick out to motorcyclists in your community. However, nothing is more off-putting to motorcyclists than someone faking it. If you aren’t a motorcyclist, don’t pretend to be – ads showing you “riding” a bike will fall flat and will cheapen your message. If you don’t ride motorcycles, consider a message like, “I don’t ride myself, but I have worked with hundreds of bikers over the years to get them the compensation they deserve after an accident.” Focus on the credentials you do have, rather than faking ones that you don’t. An authentic message is always the best route, and advertising for motorcycle cases is no exception. Work with your team to pull together statistics that show how much knowledge you have in the area and the level of success you have had in the past helping bikers. 

Get Involved in the Motorcycle Community 

Motorcycling is a very community-oriented pastime. If you do not ride, consider finding someone in your market that is an involved member of the biker community that can be an advocate for your firm. This person knows when motorcycle rallies are happening, has connections at local shops, and has many friends that are also riders. If you know someone like this, we recommend that you hire them part-time to represent your firm at events and shops. They can pass out swag and spread the word that your firm is the real deal when it comes to helping bikers after an accident. Additionally, they can provide valuable insights as to what bikers are looking for in an attorney, swag that a biker would actually want, giveaway ideas, and the specific timeframe of the motorcycle season where you live. 

If you haven’t already, check out Back Off My Bike. BOMB has a partnership with Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange Country Choppers and is market-exclusive. We’ve seen many cj-family firms have great success working with Paul Sr. and using BOMB to establish themselves as reputable motorcycle attorneys. 

Whether you go with a local biker or someone with national recognition, it is incredibly valuable to have a genuine member of the motorcycling community backing up your firm’s message. 

Questions? We’re Here to Help 

We’ve worked with firms around the country to establish their motorcycle marketing plans, using techniques ranging from specific TV schedules to social media campaigns. Each and every market is unique, and competition is getting steeper. As a prominent national motorcycle attorney brand moves into additional markets, it is more important now than ever before to protect your firm’s identity as a trusted resource for motorcyclists that have been in an accident. 

If you are interested in learning more about what cj Advertising can do to help establish your firm as the go-to for all motorcycle accidents in your market, reach out to us today.