In The Personal Injury World, You Get Big Truck Cases If You Ask For Them 

by Eli Harrell | March 27, 2023

Here at cj Advertising, we are big believers in asking for what you want, especially when it comes to big truck cases. Due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved in a big truck accident, these cases are often catastrophic and severely injure the victims. If someone is looking for a lawyer after being involved in a collision with a big truck, they are especially careful to look for someone that they know can handle this type of case. We’ve heard stories from firms that learned that people were not reaching out to them about their big truck cases due to the fact that they didn’t think the firm would accept the case. Many people are under the impression that they need to find a specific big truck case attorney. If they only associate your firm with handling motor vehicle accidents involving smaller cars, they might discount you from their search. For this reason, we think it is incredibly important for all firms that do accept big truck cases to specifically advertise for these cases. You need to remind your market that you are qualified and capable of helping them if they find themselves in the terrible situation of needing a big truck attorney.  

Big Truck Collisions Could Occur More Frequently 

Beyond being catastrophic in nature, big truck cases are much more likely than auto accident cases to be big cases due to the fact that the defendant is typically the commercial trucking company rather than the individual. In the wake of COVID and supply chain issues, the commercial trucking industry has found itself in major need of more drivers. Unfortunately, this can cause lower hiring standards and make driver-caused accidents more common. For example, the federal government is currently testing out a program that could allow the minimum age to drive a truck across state lines to go from 21 to 18. As the big truck industry tries out new ways to get more drivers, we could start seeing less experienced truck drivers on the roads. Additionally, drivers could find themselves working longer hours and taking fewer breaks, leaving them fatigued and distracted while driving. Unfortunately, this could also mean that we see an increase in big truck accidents. 

Reminding Your Market That You Handle Big Truck Cases 

Here at cj, we are always working to keep our firms updated with fresh creative that will stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Earlier in 2023, we hosted a big truck production shoot that was the first of its kind for our agency. These spots were shot in a state-of-the-art fully immersive virtual LED studio, and we even had the cab of an eighteen-wheeler on set. The effects produced by this set were top-notch, and the spots we’ve seen from the shoot so far are incredible. Stay tuned to see the final spots! 

We also highly recommend having a specific “big truck” rotation when running TV advertisements. You want to be able to track big truck cases separately from your other auto cases and get an idea of what advertisements are the most effective. Similar to slip and fall or a motorcycle, big truck should be treated as its own case-type entity. 

Additionally, we recommend including big truck content in your social media marketing plan and web content plan. Share information with your followers about what to do if they or someone they know is involved in a collision with a commercial truck as well as education surrounding road safety on interstates where big truck collisions are more likely to occur. Spreading awareness about how to drive safely when on the road with commercial vehicles is a great way to both help prevent collisions when possible and to establish your firm as a knowledgeable resource when it comes to all things big truck-related. As a personal injury firm, part of your role in the community is to use all of the knowledge that you have about accident prevention to help your audience stay safe and healthy. 

Need Help Establishing Yourself as THE Big Truck Attorney? Reach Out to Us Today! 

If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do to help your firm stand out as THE firm to go to for big truck cases, reach out to We have years of experience helping our firms establish themselves as the go-to big truck attorneys in markets across the country. With the right messaging, production, and advertising schedule, your market will know that your firm is able to handle cases of this caliber and will know that you are there to help when they need you the most.