SEO: It’s Only Good if it Gets Cases

At cj Advertising, we’ve always maintained that, when it comes to websites for law firms, conversions are more important than search rankings. But to ensure we’re giving our clients the best chance of success, we recently put our beliefs to a new test.

Mobile vs. Desktop: Are You Seeing Different Results?

During a keynote from Google at a recent conference in Las Vegas, a rep stated that they will be separating their mobile index from their desktop index. This means you will see different results depending on which device you use to perform a query. Google has […]

Google Hits the Real Time!

After a long wait, Google is finally updating their search algorithm. It’s true! The Penguin 4.0 algorithm has been released! But now, instead of periodically refreshing data, updates are being made in real time! So, you’re probably wondering what this means for you. Ultimately, the […]

Web Forms: Less Means More

At a recent marketing conference I attended, the audience was asked if we’d ever lied while filling out a form online. A quick poll showed a majority of people said yes. The reasons varied from person to person, but the underlying themes were the same: not […]

Geofencing: Is it Right for Lawyers?

Lately, we’ve been fielding a ton of inquiries from our clients about geofencing, a location-based digital marketing tool that sends advertisements to cellular and web-connected devices in a narrowly defined geographic area. Some digital marketers claim this technology will change the way businesses market online. […]